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Courses and Workshops


Interactive Forum to Cultivate Hope
and Calm the Freak Down

Mental Health Now is a mental health initiative developed in partnership with the College of Public Health and Human Sciences and Oregon State University. The forum is a place where we explore concepts of humanity including forgiveness, self-worth, community building, coping strategies, perspective shifting, and problem solving. Topics are selected by students and discussed weekly during an in-person meeting.

The current cycle is for students at Oregon State, but if you think your department or school needs something like this, give us a shout out. 


MEeting Times


Oregon State University, LINC 268

7 sessions

Fridays from 12:00 to 12:50 p.m.

April 22nd to June 3rd

Mental Health Now

Is a safe space for....

  • Challenging assumptions and bias regarding mental health

  • Normalizing stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Building community

  • Cultivating hope

  • Establishing frameworks for personal progress and wellness

  • To act in place of individual or group therapy

  • For diagnosis or treatment of mental illness

  • For crisis intervention

Is not intended...

Contact us at to join us virtually.

Career Identity 101

Employers are looking for employees who know who they are and what they want to do. This dynamic course will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone while you interview professionals, perform industry research, and gain clarity on your next steps.

Personal Development


PRofessional Success

Level up your professional performance by doing some personal exploration. Participants take time in this course to examine and practice important skills such as leadership, courage to take risks, communication, and curiosity. Everyone has potential, let this class help you realize it.

Build Your
own Business

Do you have a business dream, but don't know where to get started? Join us in Build Your Own Business and prepare yourself to do the impossible.



Self-compassion is the ability to treat the self with the same kindness and regard as you would a close family member or friend. Take time out with a small group or individually to explore how to grow your self-compassion with this important course.

The workshops and courses are designed to support you in growing personally and professionally. Courses are offered at individual and group rates.

Individual Course Rate

  • Tuition: $400

  • ​Duration: 5wk Course

  • ​Rolling Enrollment

  • Meetings: Weekly

  • Time: determined by instructor and participant availability

  • Location: Online or in person

Group Course Rate

  • Tuition: $200 per person

  • Duration: 10 wk Course

  • Rolling Enrollment (Create your own group -- you need 10-15, or wait for a SPARROW to offer a group course).

  • Meetings: Every other week.

  • Time: Determined by instructor and group availability.

  • Location: Online or in person

If you are interested in booking a group course or a workshop for your company or business, please contact the team at SPARROW to price and book our workshops.

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