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Children. Teens. Young Adults. Families

We want to help our clients move to the next phase of life. We can help with suicidal thoughts and behaviors, depression, anxiety, family relationships, finding purpose and direction, healing from trauma, and helping you love yourself again or for the first time ever.

Payment And Insurance

Clients are expected to pay in full at the time of service. Cash, check, credit/debit and Health savings/Flex spending cards are all accepted forms of payment.


SPARROW is currently billing PacificSource (OHP) as an out of network provider. There are times when PacificSource will deny services giving priority to other contracted providers. We will work with you to determine eligibility and attempt a prior authorization. If denied client will be responsible for fees associated with counseling services. We will work to communicate in advance before you are served with an invoice.

Sparrow is considered out of network for other insurances.


Appointments must be cancelled 24 hours before the schedule to avoid being charged a cancellation fee (cancellation fee is equivalent to the cost of the session), unless in the case of an emergency or sudden illness.


Our goal is to maintain affordable counseling rates and provide services to all who seek them. We offer a limited number of scholarships please ask for assistance if needed.

Counseling Services

30 in consultation (incl. telehealth).................................$50

50 min intake/session (incl. telehealth)........................$150


90 min intake/family session (incl. telehealth)..........$200

What to expect: 

Counseling, psychotherapy, coaching, not matter what you call it, it can be intimidating and hard to get started.


Our first session is about laying the ground work. You can choose between a 50 minute intake and a 90 minute intake. If you feel like you need more time in the first session, let's take that time. We'll review health history, family dynamics, and personal goals. Based on the goals in the first session we will develop a plan and focus our work on those goals.


Clients should expect weekly sessions for the first 6 sessions. After that we'll review your progress and determine the number and pacing of sessions.

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