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15 Minute FREE Consultation

Want to know more about our services and if they are right for you, schedule a 15 minute consultation.

Call today: 971-357-2584

Individual Sessions

Sessions generally focus on what you want to focus on, but here are some ideas for what we can do for you.

  • Clinical mental health therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, or other social emotional problems.

  • Career counseling to get you moving the right direction and to make your career goals a reality.

  • Education coaching for those who need support navigating the wide terrain of high school and higher education. 

Workshops and courses

SPARROW believes in community partnerships and helping other programs and companies develop the kinds of social-emotional and strategic thinking skills that create connection and meaningful work spaces. 

Our workshops focus on things like:

  • Workplace culture

  • Onboarding and Employee Training Courses

  • New Administrator Workshops

  • Systems Thinking and Improvement Science Workshops

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