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The Clubhouse

Do you ever want to hit something, or throw paint on the walls? Do you want a place where you can scream at the top of your lungs? Maybe you would like to run, jump, squat, or stretch out in therapy? 

If that's you, join us at the Clubhouse. 

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What is the Clubhouse? 

  • The clubhouse is an experiential therapy and learning space dedicated to helping individuals and families learn new skills in emotional awareness through activities. AKA: learning and healing through doing.

What is experiential therapy? Is it an experiment?

  • Experiential therapies and learning focus on helping the individual through active hands-on learning and doing.

    • Are you processing trauma?

      • We will work with your body to perform simple physical movements that will help your body process that anxiety and let it go.

    • Are you experiencing severe depression?

      • We will activate your body through painting, gentle movements, and games to help you find purpose again.

    • Experiencing rage?

      • We will work with you and your body to let that anger go and help you be your own person again. 

How is this different than talk therapy?

  • We still do plenty of talking, including motivational questions, and developing a plan that meets your needs and interests. The difference is we will be highly active while we work together.

Is this safe?

  • Slade is trained in somatic therapies that gentle activate the body to help it process emotions without introducing significant strain or distress. Clients always lead the way and can accept or decline any activity offered by the therapist.

Where is it located?

  • The Clubhouse is located at 643 SE Jefferson St. Dallas, Or 97338. We will have more pictures and information very soon.

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